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SeaSpace is a retreat center, freediving school & coworking space for professionals and anyone who desires to go beneath the surface, find inspiration, and embrace new experiences. Nestled next to the breathtaking Adriatic Sea in Montenegro, we offer an upscale blend of amenities and transformative activities. Through freediving, breathwork, and funky guitar campfire sessions, SeaSpace becomes a refuge for those seeking not just a getaway but a journey to new depths and self-discovery.

SeaSpace Weeks in 2024

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Courses 1st - 8th (3 spots left) 31st July - 7th (2 spots left) coming soon
Courses 10th - 17th (1 spot left) 16th - 23rd (3 spot left) 15th - 21st
21th - 28th (2 spots left) 19th - 26th (6 spot left) 26th - 29th (Courses) 22nd to 29th
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The SeaSpace Freediving Week

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The SeaSpace Freediving Week

Embark on a transformative 6-day/7-night journey, delving into the depths of freediving and breathwork. Connect with like-minded individuals, forging meaningful social connections that last beyond your retreat.

Picture yourself starting your mornings listening to the sound of the Adriatic Sea while you learn how to hold your breath longer, so you can dive into the deep blue where time stands still.

Freediving at SeaSpace extends beyond the physical; it is a journey into self-understanding—an exploration beneath the surface, nourishing a meditative flow state of presence and awareness. Your retreat includes nourishing local cuisine, breathwork, optional workouts, and comprehensive freediving skills training.

Fabian and the team ensure your safety and well-being. You'll leave not only fitter and more tanned but also armed with tools for integrating relaxation and mindfulness into your daily routine back home, along with a gorgeous collection of pictures capturing both the serene underwater moments and the stunning scenes outside.

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Dive into Transformative Breathwork Sessions

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Dive into Transformative Breathwork Sessions

Explore the transformative potential of conscious connected breathing in the magical setting of SeaSpace.

As an accredited breathwork instructor certified by the esteemed 'Alchemy of Breath' organization, Fabian guides you through sessions unlocking the potential of your breath, offering a gateway to heightened consciousness, emotional balance, mental clarity, and deeper connections with yourself and others. Participants frequently experience profound relaxation, stress reduction, and a clearer mental state, making conscious connected breathing a transformative journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Rooftop Vibes

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Rooftop Vibes

Building Community at Sunset

At SeaSpace, our rooftop is more than a meeting point—it's a stage for shared moments. Picture a panoramic view of the Adriatic as the sun dips below the horizon while sharing dinner.
Conversations flow, friendships are being created, and it becomes a canvas for stories, music, and guitar tunes, accompanied by the clink of occasional wine glasses and hearty laughs

About Montenegro

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About Montenegro

The Luštica Peninsula is where you'll find the real Montenegro, a hidden gem along the Montenegrin coast. Ancient olive groves tended by local families for centuries, small fishing villages by the sea and many hidden beaches with crystal clear waters make Luštica the perfect base for our freediving adventures! When not freediving, Luštica invites you to go kayaking or stand up paddling along the coast, exploring various remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the form of abandoned forts, submarine tunnels and bunkers, or partying in one of Luštica's trendy beach clubs. Over 35 European cities offer direct flights to Montenegro, usually lasting less than 2 hours.

How to get to Montenegro?

About Fabian

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About Fabian

Fabian is a seasoned traveler with a decade of exploring diverse corners of the globe. He embarked on daring journeys, driving an old Mercedes from Berlin to Cape Town and traversing South America in a Land Rover while running his IT startup, helpando.it, from the road. Fabian was one of the first employees of the now-public San Francisco-based internet startup Zendesk and played a pivotal role in its early success.

In the realm of freediving, Fabian's journey began in Mexico in 2016 under the guidance of national champion Pepe Salcedo. Furthering his training with Blueocean Freedivers in Dahab, Egypt, he obtained his AIDA Instructor certification in 2019 from Walid Boudhiaf in San Andres, Colombia. Venturing into the Molchanovs training system, Fabian completed his crossover with Julia Mouce of Apnea Bali in Bali, Indonesia. In 2023, he achieved a dive to 96m in the FIM discipline, securing the #2 spot among Germany's deepest divers.

Transitioning from a nomadic lifestyle, Fabian has found his haven in Lustica, Montenegro, where he shares his passion for freediving and breathwork, living a wholesome, active, and adventurous life on the untamed peninsula. Apart from his expeditions, Fabian is recognized as an international speaker, having delivered talks i over 20 countries in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese. He has two TEDx talks and was featured in prominent media outlets like Arte, Wired and the Financial Times and making appearances on more than 30 podcasts. With two songs on the radio, Fabian is always accompanied by his trusty guitar. Currently, Fabian is training to reach 100 meters in freediving and working on his first book.

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SeaSpace Amenities

SeaSpace offers a variety of sleeping options tailored to your preferences. Choose from single dorm beds, double dorm beds, or indulge in our luxury single rooms featuring king-size beds. All rooms offer a 180 degree Sea View. On our amazing rooftop you can find a vibrant social hub with open spaces, cozy nooks for privacy, comfortable beds, hammocks, and a state-of-the-art Sonos Sound system. The fully equipped kitchen is stocked with everything imaginable. We have our co-working space, complete with custom stand-up and sitting desks and seamless Wi-Fi. For a refreshing break, our private bay is just a 4-minute walk away, inviting you to dip into its crystal-clear waters.

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