Freediving in Croatia

SeaSpace is located just 6km by air from the southern tip of Croatia and only 50km from Dubrovnik. While our main operations are based in Montenegro, we occasionally venture a country north to teach people who want to learn freediving in Croatia. Along the Dalmatian coast, from Split to Rogoznica, Trogir and the islands of Hvar, Brac and Vis, we’ve conducted immersive freediving courses. We also teach freediving in Croatia at any other location upon request. Feel free to contact us, tell us where you are and we will be happy to arrange a private tour. We bring all the freediving equipment to Croatia from our base in Montenegro and can teach groups of up to 8 people at a time. Whether you have never been on a breath hold before or are an advanced freediver, we can cater to your individual needs. At SeaSpace we prefer to go freediving in Montenegro, but we also love to go diving and snorkeling in Croatia from time to time.


Freediving Locations in Croatia

The famous City of Dubrovnik invites for snorkeling, spearfishing and freediving in Croatia.
Dubrovnik’s coastal charm extends below the surface, inviting snorkelers and freedivers to discover the vibrant marine life and secluded coves in its crystal-clear adriatic waters.

Where to freedive in Croatia?

Vis Island’s coastal waters are one of the best freediving locations in Croatia boast intriguing wrecks and even an airplane, offering snorkelers a chance to discover remnants of history while immersed in the stunning natural beauty of the Adriatic. The SeaSpace team has previously participated in teaching freediving from the B-24 Diving Center, named after the sunken B-24 airplane close to the beautiful smalltown Komiza.

Rogoznica: This small village on the Dalmatian Coast has been hosting several events for freedivers in Croatia, among them the famous Deep Week. Bruno & Fabian from SeaSpace have been teaching in Rogoznica too and are always happy to return.

The islands of Hvar, Brac and Korcula, all easily reachable by ferry from Split are wonderful freediving locations in Croatia where you can snorkel and learn freediving.

Freediving locations in Croatia

Rent or buy freediving equipment in Croatia

Are you looking for snorkeling and freediving equipment in Croatia?
In case you’d like to buy your own gear, we recommend Decathlin for cheap freediving equipment in Croatia. You can find branches in Split, Rijeka, Zadar and Pula. Decathlon provides affordable fins, wet suits and masks.

Freediving wet suits
Wet suits offer thermal insulation and flexibility for optimal performance and comfort in varying water temperatures. For the adriatic sea we recommend 3mm wet suits in case you want to go freediving between mid July and mid September, for the other colder months you will be better off with a 5mm wet suit.

Freediving masks
Freediving masks are designed for low-volume, meaning there is not a lot of space between your eyes and the frame/glass of the mask. A hydrodynamic performance is important and providing a wide field of vision plus a comfortable seal for exploring the underwater world with clarity and ease.

Freediving Equipment in Croatia

Freediving fins
Freediving fins a longer than scuba fins and offer efficient propulsion, precise control, and minimal drag. Popular affordable brands include Cressi, Mares, and Seac. Fins are the most important part when you consider renting freediving equipment in Croatia. Choose a pair that fits snugly and complements your diving style for optimal performance.

Weights & belt
Weights and belts are essential for freedivers to achieve neutral buoyancy. Opt for rubber belts with quick-release buckles for safety. Depending on your body type and wet suit thickness you will need anything between 2kg and 6km of weight to be neutral around -10 meters.

Got any questions about freediving in Croatia?

Just reach out to us, we love answering your questions.